When it comes to custom cabinets, there are hundreds of questions.  Here are just a few of the most frequent.  Of course, I am always available to answer any questions you could have.

How much does it cost?

A reasonable, simple, straight forward question.  I wish there was a one size fits all answer.  But, if I were doing one size fits all, I wouldn’t be much of a “custom” guy, right?

Unfortunately, there is no general answer.  Every single job is different, every client is different, with different desires, tastes, storage needs, and design ideas.  This means that every estimate is completely different.

It would be like someone asking, “what does a new truck cost?”  Well, which brand?  Single cab, extended cab, crew cab?  V6 or V8, or even diesel? Cloth seats or leather?  Tow package, 4 wheel drive, 2 wheel drive?  What color?  You get the point.

What I can tell you is that I know the range of cost for custom cabinetry in the Atlanta area, and you will find that I am more than fair for the quality of material, quality of build, and customer service you will receive from me.  Your happiness with the project is my number 1 concern at all times.  I do absolutely everything I can to accommodate any and every request made.

One other thing to factor in to the cost: I provide a lifetime, fully transferrable warranty on all my custom cabinets.  How many products these days can that be said for?

But I can buy them from the big box store for $100/ft!  Why should I hire you?

Well, for starters, the big box stores are selling you stock cabinets for roughly $100/ft.  This means low grade material, usually mdf or particle board for the box, low grade lumber for the face frame, mdf or particle board for the door panels and drawer faces, and low quality hardware, churned out on an assembly line.

Also, with stock cabinets, they come in predetermined sizes, and predetermined finishes.  I don’t know about you, but if I am going to be shelling out a few thousand dollars, I don’t want anyone telling me what color I can have, or what design I can have.  I expect things to be just how I want them.  With regard to the mass produced boxes coming in predetermined sizes, what ends up happening is you will end up trying to make the sizes work with your space, which often times leads to shoving a few different sized boxes in to a space, only to have to use 2 or 3 inches of filler on either side of the cabinet run.  This not only doesn’t look as good as it could, it is lost storage space.

Lastly, if you buy cabinets from the big box store, you still have to assemble them, adjust drawers and doors to square, plumb, and level.  Most importantly, the cabinets still need to be installed.  By the time you consider everything involved with buying cabinets from the retailer, you are already approaching the same it would cost to have all custom.  Might as well get custom and hand made, right?

So what’s the difference between that and what you can build for me?

For starters, one of the things you are getting when you buy custom cabinets from me, is they are truly CUSTOM.  This means that if your wall is 84 1/2″ wide, you will get cabinets that come out to 84 1/2″ wide.

Next, I personally pick every single piece of material that will go in to your build.  This means that nothing but premium material.  For my boxes, I only use premium 3/4″ plywood, for strength and durability.  All the wood is covered in a water-based conversion varnish that is low in VOC’s, cures quickly, and is harder and more durable than traditional solvent based varnishes that most cabinet shops/manufacturers use.

The face frames are made with nothing but premium FAS lumber, as flawless as I can get it.  It is hand sanded to an almost glass-like finish.  This leads to the smoothest possible surface, whether it is painted or stained.  If stained, conversion varnish goes on top of that, as well.

The hinges I use are made by Blum, which is the gold standard in cabinet hardware.  I have both standard 35mm concealed hinges, as well as Blum Blumotion 35mm concealed soft-close hinges.  I also use Blum Tandem with Blumotion for the soft close drawer slides to compliment the soft close hinges.

When it comes to the finish on the cabinets, every bit of clear coat, stain, and/or paint is sprayed by hand, several times, and sanded glass-smooth in between coats.

Your project will be truly hand built in every sense of the word.

How long will the project take?

That depends on the size of the project!  Under most circumstances, I can have the project completed within 2 to 3 weeks from the time you tell me to start to installation for most vanities and built-ins.  Whole kitchens typically take longer, as there is much more to build!